• Color consultation
    Unless you are an expert on colors and have a deep understanding of the appropriate use of them, both on the inside and outside of your vintage home, you will need help in the colors selection process. Michael’s artistic eye and vast knowledge of the subject can provide you with a masterpiece color scheme. Click the links below to see Michael's magazine article "Don't Bungle a Bungalow" Part 4: Paint and Colors Cottages and Bungalows, (June/July 2008) pg. 70 detailing paints and colors
  • Vintage home restoration planning and consultation
    Keeping, maintaining and restoring the original historic elements of your old home are both financially and psychologically rewarding. See Michael’s magazine article on this subject to see why. After visiting and working in hundreds of old homes, Michael thoroughly understands them, especially the craftsman bungalow. He is available to do an inspection and reveal to you exactly what has been altered or removed from your historic home. In many cases, Michael can provide the replacement elements or suggest resources from his vast list of suppliers and contractors.

  • Plaster, drywall, wood repair
    Repairing and restoring these surfaces in any era home (Victorian, Colonial revival, Craftsman, Tudor revival, Foursquare, Spanish/Mission revival and modern) can be done hurriedly but will look that way and not last as long. Michael is an expert at matching texture, doing flexible stress crack patching, repairing wood rot with epoxy, and making the work invisible and durable.

  • Interior painting #1 specialty
    It’s easy to find an exterior specialist for the painting of the outside of your vintage home. This is what most painters prefer, where attention to detail is less critical than inside. When was the last time you saw “interior specialist” listed to describe a painting contractor? With the vast majority of Angelo Michael’s projects over the years being interior you are assured the attention to detail demanded by the most discriminating homeowners.

  • Exterior painting single story residential
    Michael’s talents are not limited to residential interiors. If you plan to keep your old home for a long time, and want the exterior paint to last as long as possible, you will want an experienced, professional and artistic craftsman like Michael to hand paint your vintage home. Michael will also come out to do only pieces of your home such as doors or windows that are in need of attention.

  • Wood strip and refinish
    What better way is there to restore the classic, timeless beauty of your historic home than to remove the decades of paint build up that masks the rich look of your wood and impedes the functions of doors and windows? Michael has the methods and knowledge of bringing back the appearance of your interior woodwork as it was when your house was built. A serious investment with a serious reward.

  • Repair, rebuild, and adjust: windows, doors, cabinets, drawers, hardware
    If you own an older home there will come a time when architectural pieces that move will need simple adjustment or full restoration. It is rare that Angelo Michael’s Painting encounters a piece that must be replaced with a replica. Adjustment or restoration is almost always less costly than replacement and the original is generally far superior to the new replica. Doors and windows don’t open or close right, drawers are sticky and fall downward, hardware just doesn’t work smoothly anymore? Michael is an expert at restoring these things back to their original, historical working condition without installation of modern parts so you will get another fifty years of service from your valuable old house parts. Michael’s magazine article Click here"Don't Bungle a Bungalow" Part 3: Windows , featured in Cottages and Bungalows, (April/May 2008) pg. 66-67, explains how to repairing old windows.

  • Stenciling, gilding
    Stenciling is a great way to historically decorate the walls in a vintage home in a one-of-kind artistic manner. Gilding is the ancient art form of applying extremely thin leaves of precious metal (gold, silver, copper, etc.) to the desired surface for decoration highlighting. There are plenty of paint substitutes but nothing gleams and lasts like real 23 karat leaf. Talk to Michael about the infinite possibilities for your historic home.

  • Light carpentry, molding installation
    Is your bungalow missing picture rail, plate rail or portions of baseboard and door/window frames? Michael can install replicas to return your vintage home to its former glory.

  • Batchelder tile restoration
    Hundreds of old homes throughout the San Gabriel Valley still have their original and extremely valuable early twentieth century Batchelder brand tile fireplaces. The glaze finish on these sought after tiles is typically delicate and wears off easily. Michael can strip inappropriate paint from the tiles, repair and paint the grout in historically correct color and faux paint and patch damaged tiles to a convincing original appearance. This process can save countless dollars compared to replacing the tiles with reproduction pieces.

  • Wallpaper removal
    Time to get rid of that ugly and inappropriate wallpaper? Michael has stripped hundreds of wallpapers since the late 1970’s and has encountered it all. His perfected methods of removal will get the offending paper off as quickly and cleanly as possible with minimum damage, if any, to the wall surfaces.

  • Handyman
    In addition to repair and restoration of doors, windows and drawers Michael is a very knowledgeable and creative handyman for your vintage, old and historical home. If it needs fixing there is a good chance that Michael can do it in a fashion that looks like it was done by the original builder.

  • Free Estimates
    Make the call 626-797-5300

The following restoration services were performed on the kitchen at right: wallpaper removal, plaster repair, worn drawer guides replaced, window glass replaced, window sash ropes replaced, paint removal, fold down and under sink doors installed, vintage bin pulls installed, swinging door hinge and glass plates installed, vintage light fixtures installed, vintage push button switches installed, vintage style cutting boards made and installed, painting, old style curtain rods and curtains installed.