If you need an expert problem solver for old houses, Michael Logan is your man. In my 1926 bungalow, he restored the stuck casement windows to good working order and fixed other cabinetry issues. He built me a new outside cellar door and redirected the rain gutter over it that was causing the door to rot. He respects the fabric of old houses and knows how things work from long ago. With optimism he enjoys figuring out solutions, tackling some new challenge. He also advises on preventive measures to protect house components that are still good. And -- he is an excellent painter. He's a true ally in the preservation of our older houses.

-Elizabeth Pomeroy, Pasadena
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Angelo Michael's Painting has done fine work at the Pasadena Heritage offices in our 1893 historic home, executing both interior painting with great care and attention to detail and also repairing double-hung windows. He has also worked at my own Craftsman house doing window repairs, being careful to protect the historic frames and hardware while gluing and securing the joints. Mr. Logan was timely, meticulous, and reasonably priced, especially for such careful work.

-Sue Mossman
Executive Director
Pasadena Heritage
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Michael Logan at Angelo Michaels painting has been a great resource to us over the last 10 years. We greatly appreciate his attention to detail and expertise in the realm of Historic Home Restorations. He is not only a master of his craft but is an authority on all things Craftsman.

We have personally worked with Michael side by side on a number of Craftsman home builds and renovations/restorations. He is professional, prompt, reliable and knowledgeable. From restoring doors and windows, to faux finishing a Batchelder fireplace, to mixing and matching custom colors and stains, for our application, he can do it all.

-Mark Coffman, Monrovia
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My strong recommendation of Michael Logan’s workmanship is based on the excellent work he has completed for me over a number of years. Michael has aided me in a number of projects, ranging from the renovation of the living room, dining room and bedroom in my craftsman home to more focused projects such as repairing old sash rope windows and installing new ones throughout my home. Based on his observations and recommendations, he undertook on my behalf the stripping and refinishing of the wood and bricks in the public rooms of my house, as well as installing newly milled replicas of picture rail, plate rail and book shelves to replace missing woodwork. I can also highly recommend Michael for his adept talents as a painter.

Due to Michael’s extraordinary skills and deep understanding of craftsman workmanship, he was adept in all these projects. His enthusiasm, diligence and resourcefulness also made him a pleasure to work with.

-Shelley M. Bennett, Pasadena
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Michael Logan has been doing restoration work on my 1924 Spanish bungalow since just after I purchased it in 1999. He has restored all the original double hung windows, picture railings, kick plates, doors and built-in cabinetry from a 7 coats painted mess, to a beautiful dark wood. He has also done all my Interior painting, as well as repaired my sash cords in my old windows. His faux painting is also on display on the surround of my restored fireplace.

I find Michael to be trustworthy, amiable and very professional when working in my home. His knowledge of craftsman era homes and construction methods are amazing. I like the fact that he does not send a crew of people, he does the work himself. He is as close to an old world craftsman as we have in these tract home times.

If you are looking for an old style craftsman, I can't recommend him enough.

-Dawn Line, Pasadena
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We were so pleased with Michael’s painting of the interior and exterior of our 1926 home. Michael did thorough preparation in every case. His neatness and expertise were much appreciated as was his advice on paint colors. He is reliable and trustworthy. I would recommend him without hesitation.

-Shake Mamigonian, Pasadena
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